Our products for June 2020
   08/24/2020     Magnets in business and industry    Comments 0
Our products for June 2020

We produce dozens of pieces of magnetic separators each month. We bring you photos of the production process of select pieces.

1. Magnetic plate

Buy on our e-shop: https://www.magnetic-separators.info/separators/magnetic-plate-placed-above-md-belt-conveyor/  or have them custom-made.


2. Rotational magnetic separator

Want to know what they are used for? Learn more here: https://www.magnetic-separators.info/separators/rotational-magnetic-separator-msvr/  

3. Magnetic testing rod 

Click here for more information on separators: https://www.magnetic-separators.info/separators/magnetic-testing-rod/ 


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