Ferrite magnet for galvanization plants and painting shops

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Type Ferrite
Tearing force (N) 4
Handle length standard 2 m (on request longer)
Marking MPG 114x72 F
Weight 6.6 lb
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Ferrite magnet for galvanization plants and painting shops

Supplementary letter

Magnets on bars are finding their application in particular in plating and painting shops. They are frequently used for pulling components out of tank or out of any other hardly accessible place. Magnet on bar is an excellent helper for such activities in plating and painting shops. Magnet on bar is fitted with anisotropic ferrite magnet. This magnet is positioned on a movable joint so that magnet control is very comfortable. Its handle is made of stainless steel. Standard handle length is 1 meter, however, it is possible to supply a longer handle as demanded by the customer. If requested, the bar can be fitted with a very powerful rare-earth neodymium magnet.

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