Lifting magnet BM-B2000 (4400 lb.)

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Max. tested loading capacity: (kg) 6000
Capacity (flat burdens) (kg) 2000
Capacity (cylindrical burdens) (kg) 1000
Marking BM-B2000
Weight 125
Capacity (flat burdens) (lbs) 4400
Max. tested loading capacity: (kg) 6000
Capacity (cylindrical burdens) (lbs) 2205
Weight 275.625
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Lifting magnet BM-B2000

Supplementary letter

By using very powerful rare-earth neodymium NdFeB magnets, we attain large outputs in small dimensional lifting magnets.
Our lifting magnets are tested in the Engineering Test Institute in Brno. Each magnet is individually tested before we sell it, including a certificate of the capacity. Each lifting magnet meets the requirements directive of European Parliament and European Council 2006/42/EC.