Magnetic hook silver, dia. 0.62, NdFeB, tearing force 17 lb

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Type NdFeB - with hook
Tearing force 8
Tearing force (N) 80
Diameter D (mm) 0.63 in
Weight (g) 26.5 lbs
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Supplementary letter

Small, but handy. This magnetic hook 0.63 in diameter has a strength of 11 lb, so it can carry a lot. It can be snapped onto a refrigerator, metal door frame, kitchen rail, workshop rack, or the metal structure of a trade fair booth. You can hang anything you need from it without any gluing and drilling.

Key Properties

• Magnetic hook with a diameter of 0.63 in

• Suitable for hanging fixtures, tools, dishes, or information boards

• Tear-off force 17.6 lb/80 N

• Easy to use

• Weighs only 0.39 oz

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