Magnetic hooks silver, set of 10 pcs

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Temperature resistance 176 °F
Total weight 436 lb
Number of pieces in the pack 10
Clamping force dia. 0.63 - 17.6 lb
Clamping force dia. 0.8 - 26.5 lb
Clamping force dia. 1 - 48.5 lb



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The magnetic hooks are in a set of 10 pieces in 3 different dimensions, they consist of a very strong neodymium magnet and, depending on the size of the hook, they have different magnetic strength.

There are 3 sizes in the set:

4 pieces with the 16 mm diameter with the 8 kg magnetic force

4 pieces with the 20 mm diameter with the 12 kg magnetic force

2 pieces with the 25 mm diameter with the 22 kg magnetic force

Magnetic hooks are very practical

You can move them to any metal surface as you want

They have a large load capacity, thanks to a large neodymium magnet

They hold on a microwave, dishwasher, washing machine, radiator, gutters…

The use is really wide and here in the article, we will tell you the best tips for using magnetic hooks.

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