Magnetic manipulation rod dia. 0.787" x 0.236" until 176 °F (dia. 25⁄32" x 15⁄64")

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Type NdFeB
Temperature resistance 176 °F
Marking MMT 20x6
Weight 0.44 lbs
Tearing force 7 lbs
Magnetic force 4.600 Gs

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Magnetic manipulation rod dia. 20x6 mm until 80 °C

Supplementary letter

This type of rods can be used not only for sheet handling. It will make sheet loading in and unloading from presses easier and quicker. It will result in reduction of risk of hand injury caused with sheet. Magnetic handling rods also eliminate hand inserting under the press head.This type of rods is replenished with the very strong rare-earth neodymium NdFeB magnet with the diameter 20 mm and is suitable for lightweight objects handling. For heavier objects, magnetic manipulation rod MMT 40 x 8 is a better choice; the rod is described below. The magnetic handling rod is also suitable for e.g. pulling burnt sheet components out.

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