Magnetic rod - NdFeB dia. 0.984" (dia. 63⁄64") x 5.906" (5 29⁄32")

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Rod diameter 1 in
Temperature resistance 176 °F
Thread M8x12
Marking MT 150/110 SVM 25
Magnetic induction 7200 G
Total length 5.9 in
Weight 1.1 lbs
Magnetic surface length 4.3 in
Rod diameter 0.98 in
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Magnetic rod - NdFeB dia.25, l_150 mm

Supplementary letter

Magnetic rod diameter is 25 mm, magnetic length is 110 mm and total length of the magnetic rod is 150 mm.
Magnetic rod is designed for a separation of ferromagnetic impurities from both liquid and dry mixtures.
Magnetic rod includes neodymium magnets, and it is made of stainless steel.
Coat magnetic induction is 7200 G, coat tear-off force is 95 N.
Magnetic rod is surface-treated by polishing.
The total magnetic rod weight is 0.5 kg.

Magnetic rod may be attached using M8 screw.
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