Magnetic sheet fanner - sheet separator, model 1 - 6.7" (6 11⁄16")

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Height 6.7 in
Marking MCP-1
Weight 13.2 lbs
Width 5.4 in
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Magnetic sheet separator, model 1 - 170 mm

Supplementary letter

Wherever magnetically conductive metal sheets are manipulated, separator of metal sheets can be employed. Making use of the permeability phenomenon, this device makes the metal sheets loose from one another without problems, thus enabling the operator to remove these sheets individually when feeding them into presses, power sheers, or when processing in any other way. The basis of these separators are ferrite magnets; these are capable of producing a force, which is sufficient for separating individual metal sheets, even when these are coated with an oil film. Only magnetically conductive metal sheets can be separated.

We are able to manufacture any size of magnetic separators, which are fit for separating even the dimensionally largest metal sheet formats.To design most suitable size of the metal sheet separator, precise measures of the metal sheets stacks, as well as the precise sheet thickness to be separated, must be known. Of importance is also the information regarding an eventual treatment of the metal sheet surface with an oil film prior to the processing. As a standard, we are supplying magnetic separators of metal sheets with the functional area dimensions 138 x 170 mm.

Magnetic separator of metal sheets of model 1 (MCP - 1) is suitable for using in case of sheets with the thickness of up to 2 mm.Magnetic separator of metal sheets of model 2 (MCP - 2) is suitable for using in case of sheets with the thickness of up to 3 mm.

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